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  • Medical Billing and Collections
  • Patient Chart Audits
  • Web-Based Billing & Practice Management Software Systems
  • Charge Capture Analysis
  • Correct Usage of CPT and DX Codes
  • Explanation of Benefits Review
  • Claim Appeal Processes
  • Payment Accuracy
  • Claim Follow-up Process
  • Controls for Credit Balance
  • Filing Deadline Review
  • Manage Care Contracting
Maximizing Physician Reimbursement.
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MediCal Billing and Collections

Physician's Auditing and Billing Services will file all claims electronically which results in faster reimbursement from the payors. PABS will track all denails, handle all appeals and follow-up on all outstanding claims to ensure payment. We will also send out statements to patients and provide payment plans where necessary. PABS goes after all collectable dollars, not just the easy dollars.

Patient Chart Audits

Chart audits will help determine:

  • If all charges are being captured and billed
  • If documentation supports charges
  • If over and under coding exists
  • If payments and adjustments are being applied properly

Web-based Billing & Practice Management Software Systems

PABS will provide access to a software package for patient scheduling and capturing patient information. The software is a web-based billing and practice management software program that will save you money on upgrades, maintenance cost, and help you decrease your accounts receivable which will produce more revenue for the practice.


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